Curved Flooring

Parquet in brief:

  • Unique design

  • Designed as two-layer parquet

  • Thick 6mm oak wood layer

  • Oiled with natural and durable OSMO oils

  • Available in more than 10 different shades

A unique look to the floor is given by the original shape of the boards. Each board finds the right spot on the floor to minimize trimmings and highlight natural beauty, thereby taking care of the environment and at the same time making every floor we make unique.

The flooring is designed as two-layer parquet, where 6mm oak lamella is glued on 12mm plywood. In this way it acquires stability as the seasons and humidity change.

By choosing a parquet with a precious wood layer of this thickness, it will be possible to renew it incomparably more times, as a similar cheaper product, which will start to pay off after 20 years. If, according to the technical parameters, our curved parquet starts to pay off in years, then in terms of appearance it will be a huge benefit from day one.

We coat the parquet with Osmo natural hardwax oils, which give it a great appearance and high durability. It is very easy to maintain and restore it. Parquet is available in more than 10 different shades.

It is also possible to buy non-coated parquet. You will then be able to process it at your own discretion.

To make it easier for the customer to purchase the new floor, we offer space survey, parquet delivery and installation.

Our production of curved parquet is glued to the base with a special parquet glue to prevent its movement and provide a real sense of stability while walking on it.

We receive feedback from our customers that feeling the message on our floors is nothing like them.

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